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Growing Intimacy With God Retreat | October 6-8

Just like a mature tree, the Christian faith endures many seasons. A tree planted beside a reliable water source perseveres through drought and continues to flourish producing fruit in each season.  It’s labyrinth of thirsty roots reaches deep… Read More

Always One More Thing: Alan Fadling’s Advice for the Labouring Leader

written by J CARSON CARRIERE | MARCH 2024 Let’s face it: Christian leaders can get caught up in all that is involved in day-to-day responsibilities. Think about your own typical day, week, or month. Are you repeatedly pushing… Read More

Soul Focus Retreat | May 30, 2024

This personal spiritual retreat is for pastors, ministry leaders and spouses.  Join us Thursday, May 30th as you cultivate a deeper walk with God, develop and practice the principles of soul care and build an authentic community. Each… Read More