Welcome, Sarah Meza!

It is our joy to welcome Sarah Meza as our Administrative Assistant. Sarah and her husband Jairo are no strangers to us. Thrive Ministires walked alongside the Meza family as they underwent a healing journey following difficulties as… Read More

Soul Focus Day 2024

In our fast-paced society, Christian ministry leaders are seldom given the chance to pause and reflect. When provided with the opportunity to slow down, a sense of uneasiness often arises as we feel the need to move on… Read More

President’s Report | Cathy Gates

Program Updates Soul Focus Full Day Retreat: In February we held our annual Soul Focus Day (previously called Pastors Day) providing more than 30 Christian leaders with the opportunity to connect deeply with the Lord and receive spiritual… Read More

Always One More Thing: Alan Fadling’s Advice for the Labouring Leader

written by J CARSON CARRIERE | MARCH 2024 Let’s face it: Christian leaders can get caught up in all that is involved in day-to-day responsibilities. Think about your own typical day, week, or month. Are you repeatedly pushing… Read More

Practicing Simple Presence

By Cathy Gates (Director of Thrive Ministries) About 18 months ago my husband and I moved.  As with all moves, we found a few broken items when we unpacked.  One of them was a small figurine of an… Read More