Soul Focus Day 2024

In our fast-paced society, Christian ministry leaders are seldom given the chance to pause and reflect. When provided with the opportunity to slow down, a sense of uneasiness often arises as we feel the need to move on to the next task.

Intentional Pause

Yet, at this Soul Focus Retreat 2024 (formerly known as Pastor’s Day), more than 30 leaders comprised of missionaries, pastors, pastor’s spouses, and non-profit leaders intentionally paused. Josiah Piett, the retreat leader, encouraged them to begin by being present in their right now experience of life and ministry. Looking at photographs on a timeline, participants chose images that best represented their current state. Whether it was the young pastor starting their first church plant or the experienced non-profit leader in their sixties, they all became present in their reality and their walk with the Lord.

Don’t Rush Past the Past

Josiah encouraged the participants not to “rush past the past” but instead to look at their memorable moments of 2023. He suggested that like poured concrete, their experiences form us in some way, either giving life or causing unhealthy responses. God longs to transform some of these places, especially the ones that have not been helpful, and reform them into something solid and secure. And so, they examined their stories of the previous year. They were encouraged to recognize that in different seasons, we walk through valleys, deserts and mountaintops with the Lord, and all these landscapes reveal characteristics of God to us. To help embody how God uniquely met with them, they created colourful sand sculptures, each colour representing biblical truths from the Psalms as a visual representation of how God was reforming. 

Looking to the Future

After an amazing lunch of gourmet pizza catered by Fratelli Broccolo, the participants paused to look to the future. Reflecting on what they need to pay attention to in the upcoming year, they talked about how to navigate change well and allow God to form them in their walk with Him. They shared communion and stories of how God met them during this retreat, praying for one another. Equipped with Skye Jethani’s book With: Reimagining the Way You Relate to God, they left another Soul Focus day encouraged and strengthened in their spiritual vitality.


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