Read what other pastors and ministry leaders have to say about Thrive Ministries, their groups and seminars.

 Support Through Life and Ministry Challenges

Thrive Ministries pastoral care was recommended to me by a close friend and I’m so happy I followed through on connecting with them. Words cannot express how much they helped me during one of my most challenging times in life and ministry. In the throes of burnout, I was empty, discouraged and ready to call it quits as far as pastoring and church ministry was concerned. With the help of one of Thrive’s tremendously knowledgeable and experienced leaders, I was allowed the opportunity to process with the Lord and discover how I ended up at the place I was in. The one-on-one conversations were not simply cognitive, but rather they were filled with the wisdom and understanding of Holy Spirit. During the process of healing, I was carefully guided through the pain and disappointments ministry life had brought and came out the other side restored and refreshed. The spiritual practices I had studied and learned previously became more of a reality during my sessions as they captured my heart, not just my head (I also learned some new practices). I highly recommend Thrive Ministries to any pastor or ministry leader who, like me, didn’t know where to turn for help.

Unfinished Business Groups

Thrive’s Unfinished Business group was a chance for me to experience deep empathy, healing care and understanding from God through our leaders and through my fellow group members. The teaching component of Unfinished Business included comprehensive Biblical concepts which were very helpful to me as I processed significant losses, suffering and wounding from the past several years especially. The concepts were not only taught theoretically, but practices and habits related to the concepts were taught and modeled. I found the experiential components to be most unique to Unfinished Business. During each session, we received significant intercession from our leaders. They guided us skillfully through experiences where we connected with God. The time commitment this required was daunting to me at first, but I soon realized how it made space for me to be able to truly listen to God and receive from him. Being a product of a culture of efficiency and productivity, I sometimes felt selfish taking so much time to focus on my needs for healing. However, I also felt deeply honored and humbled that Cathy and Brenda spent so much time, energy and prayer to lead and shepherd our group. I was also changed, challenged and blessed by the work God did in and through my fellow group members. It was an honor to spend this time with them.  It was deeply encouraging to know I was not alone in many of the things I had experienced as a long-time ministry spouse. A safe small group such as this for people in ministry is rare and precious. This group was a significant part of my healing journey, and I expect to use many of the practices I learned here for the rest of my life. Thank you so much to Thrive Ministries, and to Cathy and Brenda, for providing this wonderful time of teaching, prayer and healing care.                    H.M. – N.C. USA

I was hesitant at first to even consider attending unfinished business. It didn’t really jive with my understanding of what it was to be a guy. I couldn’t have been more wrong. There were certainly some uncomfortable moments, but the course, and the skills that I learned, have helped me become a better dad and husband. I also learned new ways to connect with God and was able to gain a deeper understanding of the reasons behind some of the issues I’ve struggled with for years.
G.B. – Niagara Region

My experience was truly amazing!  I received a newfound freedom as I acknowledged my pain, let go of secrets and burdens and all the stuff I was never meant to carry and handed it all to Jesus.
P.W. – Niagara Region

Growing Intimacy with God Retreat

This retreat that has been a blessing for me as a pastor. Ministry is often hard and our own souls can grow weary. This retreat helped me to strengthen the soul of my leadership by refocusing on increasing my intimacy with God.”
Pastor – Niagara Region

I have often thought that to know the Bible better is to know God better. But this retreat showed me just how much God wants me to know Him better. I learned how some of my deep-rooted and forgotten hurts have kept me from feeling His love and presence. I had a chance to grieve the pain and release it to God. A truly amazing and unexpected experience to help me walk closer to God.

This retreat has impacted my life greatly! I felt cut off from God. The information presented in a safe, non judgmental environment helped me to see where that dam was. I highly recommend the retreat weekend, away from all distractions, to grow a deeper intimacy with God.

Soul Focus Day (Formally known as Pastor’s Day)

The fellowship was good … Excellent topic presented well…worship was great … food was awesome … ‘gifts’ outstanding!

I could feel the compassion for pastors when I walked through the doors.

I really enjoyed connecting with other ‘shepherds in the same boat’.

I left feeling encouraged in my relationship with God rather than feeling like I had been given 10 new things I now had to integrate into ministry to be ‘successful’.

Renewing the Flame Burnout Prevention

Without reservation, the Renewing the Flame seminars were the catalyst that put this broken pastor back on the road to complete health.  The teaching and content are first-class and provide “hands-on” principles that, if applied, will lead to restoration and healing.  I am forever grateful for the way God used these seminars to work healing in my life and ministry.
Mark – Pastor, Grand Rapids

An absolute must for Christian leaders!
Steve – Pastor, Western Michigan