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  • Fall 2021 – Men’s Group (online)
  • Fall 2021 – Women’s Group (online)

The Problem……..

Every Christian carries emotional baggage…..

Stuff that’s hidden below the surface…
Stuff that impacts their daily lives in negative ways.
Stuff they wish they could get rid of.

Stress is a fact of life.

Each of us handles stress in our own unique way. Sometimes that is positive……and sometimes our methods are less than stellar. We can find ourselves in situations where we ask ourselves – “Why did I react that way?”Have you noticed that certain situations evoke strong responses from you that are hurtful to family, friends or co-workers? Sarcasm……..anger………withdrawal from others…………people pleasing…………criticism.…..These are just a few of the ways we try to cope. These responses are rooted in our reactions to hurtful experiences earlier in our lives. They become automatic responses. At some point they were useful in helping us cope with life……but eventually they no longer work. Because they are no longer effective, we experience emotional and even physical symptoms often leading to anxiety and depression. There comes a point in time when we need to look beneath the surface of our lives and deal with our unfinished business.

Wondering if you have some ‘Unfinished Business’?

What are Unfinished Business groups?

A Christ-centered spiritual formation journey that helps participants  address dysfunctional behaviors, ease emotional upheaval, deal with false beliefs and find healing from  emotional and spiritual wounds. Unfinished Business groups are designed for those who are committed to personal growth and spiritual healing.

The Ministry of Unfinished Business…….is based on formational prayer – a ministry of the Holy Spirit facilitated by a Christian caregiver, bringing the healing presence of Jesus Christ into the places of pain and brokenness within a wounded person.

….. provides an environment where hurting Christians and ministry leaders can explore their “unfinished business” and experience healing and freedom in Christ in an environment of safety, compassion and thoughtfulness.

Unfinished Business Small Groups

Small groups of 3 – 8 participants meet for 14 sessions (2 – 3 hours) over a 4 to 5 month period. Each Group Session includes a teaching component, an experiential component and a spiritual component.

 What am I committing to as a participant?

  • Faithful attendance
  • Active participation
  • Confidentiality

Next Unfinished Business Group

  • Fall 2021 – Men’s Group (online)
  • Fall 2021 – Women’s Group (online)

Cost: $265 plus curriculum (For pastors/church leaders and spouses this is a suggested donation only)
*there may be an additional venue cost for in-person groups when applicable

Please contact us to register or for more information.

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Group Facilitator

Cathy Gates, RN B.Sc.N. M.A. Strategic Leadership

Cathy brings leadership experience in both the church and a national clergy support network.  She is a seasoned small group leader and workshop presenter.  Cathy is the founder of Thrive Ministries, a ministry focused on resourcing pastors to build lives that thrive.  Cathy brings a heart of brokenness, compassion, transparency, and humility that creates an environment of safety and Spirit-filled grace for healing.  She holds a Certificate of Formational Prayer from Ashland Theological Seminary, Ashland,Ohio.

Dave Dion, Pastor

Dave brings over 25 years as an ordained minister serving as a pastor and assisting within different mission organizations.  He has been married for over 40 years to his wife Evelyn. They have 3 children and 2 grand children.  In his spare time he enjoys reading and travelling. Dave has received training in formational prayer through Healing Care Ministries (USA & Canada) He understands how brokenness can affect the life and leadership of a pastor. His heart is to see pastors and Christian leaders leading from a place of wholeness and deep connection to God.

Formational Prayer Advisory Group

Donna Thomas DMin.

Donna has retired from Ashland Theological Seminary, Ashland, Ohio where she taught and advised in the Formational Counseling track of the doctor of ministry program. Dr. Thomas also serves in Care and Prayer Ministries as well as Outreach Ministries at her local church, Park Street Brethren Church, Ashland, Ohio. Dr. Thomas is married with three adult children and six grandchildren.

Carolyn Schroeder

Carolyn has many years of experience as a licensed counselor in Grand Rapids Michigan.  She and her late husband Chris spent several years as counselors with Shepherds Heart Ministry providing care for pastoral couples in crisis.

Liz Honeyford

Liz is the president of Healing Care Canada, a pastor and spiritual director with many years experience as a formational prayer caregiver.

Brenda Drost on Unfinished Business

I grew up in church. My dad was a pastor. I have been in church my whole life. This was the single, best thing I have ever done for myself spiritually.”

Brenda Drost

Brenda loved serving in full time ministry from the beginning. She was passionate about the work God had set in front of her to do. It energized her and filled her with joy, but after a while, she noticed that passion slowly fade. During a time of extreme pressure and difficulty, Brenda recalls how her joy in serving God drained away and instead became a heavy burden.

Instead of energizing her, ministry became draining. Brenda was starting to burnout. She threw herself into the work with renewed resolve, but it just got worse. Eventually she reached a point where she just wanted to quit. 

“Here I was a pastor, counselling other women, but I felt like I was lost. I had nothing left in me to give. I didn’t know how to get back to that place (of joy). I was depleted spiritually, emotionally, and physically.”

Brenda decided to get away and have a quiet retreat for a couple of days to seek God. During that time she told God she wanted to quit, but He didn’t release her from it. So, instead she asked for someone to help her through. Two weeks later she met Cathy Gates.

“I knew right away that she was that answer to prayer that I needed, and she invited me to Unfinished Business.”

Unfinished Business is a Christ-centred, small group environment where hurting christians and ministry leaders can explore their “unfinished business” and experience healing and freedom in Christ. It usually runs over a four to five month period. 

Brenda didn’t really know what to expect, and was nervous about being vulnerable with other people, but she relays how the confidential and intimate nature of the group laid those fears to rest:

“A lot of times pastors feel like they have no one they can talk to. Thrive was a place to be broken. People who were willing to take my hand and walk me through it. It was a safe place.”

After Unfinished Business, Brenda says she feels more equipped for ministry, that her relationship with God has grown deeper, and that she was able to put a lot of her own fear and insecurities behind her. She knew she had overcome some serious issues and should a difficult season like that come again, she has the tools to deal with it. The joy is back!

“The really cool thing is that I can now turn around and help other women who need it. As I work as a pastor, I come into contact with other women in leadership who are going through the same (difficulty), and I can turn around and be that safe place for them. I have the tools to help them now.”

Unfinished Business would not have the impact it does without the prayers and financial support that so many have generously given. Thank You!

I am interested in joining an Unfinished Business Group.

There are groups solely for women and solely for men available. If you are interested in joining a group, please contact Cathy Gates. 

How can I help?

Do you want to support Unfinished Business specifically so that others can benefit from the in-depth teaching? Your gift is greatly appreciated! 

Go to www.thriveministries.ca/donate, click DONATE, and write “for Unfinished Business” in the comments.

Wondering if you have some Unfinished Business?

  • Do you fear criticism?
  • Do you have a need for perfection?
  • Do you care for others easily, yet find it difficult to care for yourself?
  • Do you isolate yourself from other people?
  • Do you respond with fear to authority figures and angry people?
  • Do you find it difficult to identify and express your emotions?
  • Do you ever wonder why you reacted to a situation poorly?
  • Do you find yourself responding with sarcasm in certain situations?
  • Have you noticed that you are often critical of others?
  • Do you find yourself seeking approval and affirmation from others?
  • Do you overextend yourself?
  • Do you respond with defensiveness to criticism?
  • Have you had problems with compulsive behavior?
  • Do you have difficulty controlling your anger at times?
  • Do you find yourself using technology more when life is very stressful?
  • Do you find yourself blaming others for your mistakes or problems?
  • Do you have a sense of shame about aspects of your life past or present?
  • Do you find you have unforgiveness towards certain people who have hurt you in the past?
  • Do you have difficulty trusting?
  • Do you regularly work more than 50 hours per week?

Thrive’s Unfinished Business groups help individuals seek Jesus in their need for healing from past life and ministry experiences.