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A safe place

for Christian ministry leaders & their families.

Thrive Ministries

Thrive Ministries provides safe places for pastors, ministry leaders and their families to strengthen their spiritual vitality.

How We Care

For Pastors

& Church Leaders

We offer mentoring, encouragement, and support to help pastors stay the course and thrive in life and ministry.


For Ministry Wives

& Spouses

We connect Pastors’ Wives to a caring community of other Pastors’ Wives, reminding them that they don’t have to do life alone.


For Missionaries

& Their Families

We provide you with the support and care you need so that you can thrive in your relationships and ministry.

For Parachurch Ministry Leaders

Christian Non-Profits & Charities

We know the pressures and difficulties running ministries can be, so we provide an array of groups, retreats, and customized engagements for you.

Need Support?

We all need help sometimes. Let us come alongside you and your family to provide the care and support you need and deserve. We’re here for you.

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